Rules and criteria 

-Bachatea Suiza Contest is an Open competition for Swiss and International dancers.
-Registration fee: CHF 70.- per Couple and all competitors must obtain Bachatea Suiza Fullpass.
-Each couple must be formed by a man and a woman.
-This is an Open Division, meaning all styles of Bachata are accepted.
-Registration is by email
-The number of participants is limited to 15 couples.
The closing date for registration is 20. October 2020
Minimum of 7 couples are required for competition.
-The number of competitors is limited so it’s important to make the Registration as soon as possible.
-The order/start number of the participants will be determined randomly before the competition.
-Tricks, dips, drops and lifts are permitted but not required, the competition will be judged based on the dance.
-The competition will be held at the Bachatea Suiza Party on Friday 22nd January 2021 at Hotel Banana City Winterthur
-Music should be no less than 3 minutes and no more of 4 minutes long.
-Routines and Music must be min. 70% recognizable Bachata dance style.
-A maximum of 3 songs can be mixed into your routine.
Please submit music in advance.
(it is not the DJ’s responsibility to fade out or cut music at specific mark)
-It will be accepted as Bachata music:
-Original Bachata songs.
-Bachata covers of other songs that come from other styles of music
-You must send your music via e-mail to
The Jury:
-The competition will be judged by professional dancers and special guests.
-Competitors will accept the decisions of judges and the organising committee as FINAL.
-All competitors have the right to ask for a review of the results of the competition during the day of the competition.
-In case of a points tie, the Juri decides together who wins
-Musicality (Timing, rhythm, music creativity, interpretation)
-Technical execution (turns, footwork, movements, synchronicity)
-Presentation (Stage presence, charisma)
-Connection (Interaction with partner, synchronisation, leading/following)
-Choreography (overall rating, originality)
-Winner of Bachatea Suiza Contest will be invited to take part in the competition: Bachata Days Milan 2021, wins a Bachatea Siuza Certificate and
CHF 500.-

-2nd and 3rd place will receive a Bachatea Suiza certificate
-By competing, all competitors accept and authorize the use of their images for promotion of the event on video, image, text or audio format. All the images and videos from the competition are property of Bachatea Suiza
-The organisation reserves the right to change any of the rules in benefit of a fair and better running of the competition/event.